07 June 2011

What's the Fuss with the Falafel ?

Our apartment is on rue des Rosiers in the Marais, a street known world wide for its falafel shops !
Day and night, rain and shine, an international audience gathers patiently in long queues to purchase these Middle Eastern delicacies.
Legend has it they originated in Egypt, but are now almost the national dish of Israel !
The pita bread pocket is filled with hummus and harissa, pickled red cabbage and egg plant and topped off with the fried spicy balls of mashed chick peas or fava beans.
They are vegetarian, messy to eat and obviously have a near cult following ...

This is the most popular of the falafel shops and even has its waiters taking the orders down the line and spruikers touting their product as superior to their neighbour's. All good fun and provides lots of colour and movement as Barry Humphries used to say.

         " The Special " is 5 euros which is a reasonable enough price for a meal.

I tried my first ever falafel take away and must admit I did not understand the hoo-ha. Wendy says they are better in Melbourne.

But the queues continue to gather each day, so what do I know,  I guess !

Customers eat them standing up, on the move, or even sitting on the cobbled streets.

This is one of the views from our front window - Willis Street will seem rather quiet after this  - but I am always happy to be home too - believe it, or not !

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