29 June 2011

The trip draws to an end ...

A simple lunch under the shade of the willow trees ...

All the lock houses were decked out with pots plants and hanging baskets adding loads of summer colour.

The Groves had brought along a supply of gifts from Oz to present to the lock keepers - a charming ( and appreciated ) thought. A good tip if you are contemplating a canal trip.

Wearing a koala with good humour.

The skippers had to bend as we glided under the low bridges.

Evening drinks on the deck gave us a chance to sample the local wines and cheeses - and reflect on the events of the day.

Even an old bike looks attractive with a coat of paint and a few red geraniums ... so French.


  1. Gorgeous couple snaps!
    Long live the Baguette... you will need to go on another journey so I can live vicariously through the food and antics!
    I don't think taking photos around Perth is quite going to match the stunning French ambiance and style.... It is great to have you home however! xx

  2. God bless that evening lighting!! You all look like gorgeous!!

  3. Thanks Sarah and Le Le for following the "journey" and for your fun comments along the way.

    Yes, I always say that late light is very kind - and no, I won't be continuing the good old blog at home - somehow shopping at Coles and cooking, cleaning,etc just don't seem to translate so well...