15 June 2011

A Special Lunch for Braize

Today it was my treat for John to thank him for all his hours of research on our canal holiday which begins this Friday. 
So, as he has a great admiration for good old Alexandre Gustav Eiffel, the Jules Verne restaurant on the second level of the Eiffel Tower seemed the obvious choice !  

  We walked to the south tower as instructed.

Restaurant's private entrance with no queue - perfect !

 Window seat as requested with stunning views over all of Paris.
In fact, even I was a bit emotional when we entered what felt like a beautiful serene bubble in the sky ...

                  Braize contemplating all that steel !!!
10,000 tons of it and 2,500,000 rivets and 50 tons of paint and ....

               That's the Musee Quai Branly down there - it's the Museum of Indigenous Art and Culture.

              John thought Jet Boy would have loved this bone.

John also loved his dessert - a strawberry and rhubarb shortbread with hand made chocolate truffles and fresh coconut flavoured marshmallows -  he commented that Hugo would have loved these!

The golden dome is the Hotel des Invalides which houses Napoleon's tomb.
His sarcophagus holds six concentric coffins which are made of different materials, such as ebony, mahogany, oak and fit inside each other - a bit like a Russian babushka doll.
The gold on the stunning dome is real and requires actual goldsmiths to carry out any repairs!

               Can you see those rivets ?
            Braize explained how that had to be thrown up, hot (!) and banged in to place in the holes that had been prepared in the workshop - amazing stuff.

                Spectacular views from every angle.

Descending in the lift ...

Back on the ground after a most memorable occasion in our lives ...


  1. Oh mon dieu!!!!! Fabulous!!! All that steel Braize ???!!!

  2. Braize, cooked Osso Buco last night but it didn't quite plate up like that... Jet didn't seem to mind however! Glad to see you having so much fun. Hugo would be tres keen on those marshmallows... xx

  3. What a beautiful clear day you had for this, guys! Braize must have loved it.