30 June 2011

So that's it from France - for now...

Lea presents a kangaroo to a petit garcon whose good father saved our runaway boat while we were out lunching - merci beaucoup !

We were really lucky with the weather, but what's a little rain to true sailors.

We loved all the fromage ...

                          - so thanks goats ...

                                               - for all that chevre !

  Thanks Sancerre for the wonderful wine ...

                       - it sure was fun sampling, buying and drinking it with friends.

               We will miss the flower boxes and faded shutters ...

 Merci to my friends for your great company and all the chatter and laughter.

Thanks Boulangerie Bill for the daily baguettes and morning croissants - much appreciated !

Merci to the marvellous men in our lives for all your hard work on the ropes and the wheel - and most of all for your good humour !

We will miss the trees and the green fields ...

   - the tranquil waters of the canals ...

            - and those long evenings and night skies.

           Au Revoir France - you sure have a lot to offer.

 Farewell good ship "Nautilia" - it was fun sailing on you.

  We made a happy gang of travellers who made the most of every minute.

But mostly I would like to say THANKYOU John for making it all flow so smoothly.
With love and appreciation,
From Jo  xx

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