27 June 2011

Sipping in Sancerre

John arranged a day of touring the picturesque wine region of Sancerre.
Known world wide for its whites, we visited three very different vineyards to sample their various styles.

Unusual to see a father and daughter as owners / operators on this small, but well run property.

Their harvest is done by a machine and takes just one week.

"Apple", the sweet cocker spaniel followed us everywhere - we naturally thought of "Mary" and "Maurice", Julie and Roger !

The village of Sancerre is high on a hill and most attractive.

After lunch it was onto the Bailly Reverdy's delightful vineyard for more touring and tasting.

Monsieur Bernard Bailly Reverdy is 83 years old and still works every day ... he is a wonderful character with a twinkle in his eye.

The girls and our charming guide and driver, Anne - Sophie and her cousin.

Papa Bernard ...

... and his son, Franck.

                            Cheers from Braize !

Their harvest is done by hand with 35 pickers taking two weeks. They produce 100, 000 bottles and are quite satisfied with that. We all gained the impression that it is for a genuine love of the life and the sheer pride of their product that keeps these families motivated and contented - what an ideal way to be.

We then visited the highly regarded Mollet brother's tasting rooms and added to our "cellar on board".
This family has been making fine wine for five generations and is found in most of the top restaurants in Paris.

So much wine, so little time !

Another great day - thanks Braize for organising it so well.

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