10 June 2011

The Sad Side

In Paris the 3rd and 4th arrondissements make up the Marais ( which means swamp and is what it was in its former life ). It is an area known for its constant buzz and energy with all the visitors, the gay population and its Jewish community. There are marvellous museums, inspiring shops, creative galleries and a general air of vitality. It is easy to forget as you stroll happily along the streets, especially the ones that surround the square where we have been staying ( known in Yiddish as the "Pletzl"- or little place ), that it has not always been this way.
It is only when you look up and read the stone plaques on the schools and public buildings that you remember the Holocaust, the tragedy that occurred during World War II when the Nazi gestapo rounded up thousands of innocent Jewish people, including children from the schools in the Marais and sent them to their death in the concentration camps.

"Ne les oublions jamais"   - We shall never forget them ...

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