12 June 2011

Pont des Arts

My favourite bridges in Paris are the beautiful Pont Alexandre III ( or the Royal Bridge),  the Pont Neuf which ironically means new bridge, but is actually the oldest, built in 1607 and the Pont Saint Michel with its carved N's for Napoleon on the side.
But the Pont des Arts has a certain charm and individuality all its own ... it is for pedestrians only, is used by artists who set up their easels and happily work away all day and is also a popular picnic spot on warm nights for hundreds of young people. In the last few years it has become another spot in the world where couples attach a padlock and throw the key in the river Seine below, vowing their love can never be undone.
Ain't love grand ... and just a little naive ?

Last June when I walked across this bridge on my photography tour, all the locks had just been removed under order from the Paris town hall and there were only a couple remaining.
One year on and once again there are thousands of all shapes and sizes showing romance lives on ... after all Paris is the "city of love" as they say.

   These folk mean business ... not sure about the smaller one in the middle. A menage a trois maybe ?

 Combination locks just in case things don't work out as planned !!


  1. Hope you and Braze put a lock on the bridge and threw the key into the Seine Jo Jo! Much love - miss you - Wend

  2. Wend,
    Of course we did !!
    Miss you too...
    Love and a hug,
    Jo Jo xx