04 June 2011

Our Luxury Lunch !

On Friday we made the decision to indulge in a splurge lunch at the two Michelin starred restaurant," Le Cinq" in the George V Hotel .
And what a good decision this turned out to be !

Warmly welcomed by the charming and professional team, we quickly settled in to the entire experience like the princesses we can sometimes be
( not possible, I hear you say! )
It proved to be a most relaxing afternoon that made us feel special and left us with new stories and happy memories to last for years - or at least until the next time !

Life is short, so why not live it, I say ...
But then, you knew that, didn't you ?!

Located in the chic 8th arrondissement, near the Champs Elysees, this splendid hotel has attracted a star studded guest list from the first day it opened in 1928.
Greta Garbo, the Beatles, Oprah to name just a few...
Angelina Jolie likes to stay here as it is so "kid friendly" - and she should know with her gang of children !

                                 More about the flowers in the next post ...

"The lunch" begins ...

Note the baby veges !

The cheese trolley looks tres tempting, don't you think Basil ?

Jo's dessert - a little work of art.

Wendy's sweet treat.

We were almost the last to leave - what's new !

Mirka and Roger Federer were having lunch in the gorgeous courtyard just near where we were sitting !
They stay at the hotel with their twins and the waiters all commented on what a great father and a genuinely good guy he his.

Now Roger is in the final of the French Open on Sunday and we are barracking for him of course !

But wait, there's more - please read on !!!

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