14 June 2011

A Must Do

Not the Four Seasons again !
Forget that ... even though most of us have had enough Vivaldi to last two life times, a live performance in the glorious Sainte - Chapelle brings his music to life once more and leaves you appreciating it all over again.

If you are visiting Paris do book for one of these concerts - in my opinion it is a MUST !

     Paul Rouger and Les Solistes Francais were the talented musicians performing at our concert, but there are others playing on different evenings.
You can see the programme online. I booked and paid through Classictic - print off the ticket at home and present at the door - easy !

A breath taking moment as you enter - no words can really describe it and no photo can do it justice.

Completed in 1248, this gothic masterpiece was built by Louis IX ( later St Louis ) to house the relics of the passion. It is considered to be the most beautiful church in Paris ...

Each of the 15 stained glass window panels are 15 metres high and tell the story of the Bible. They are read from left to right from bottom to top.

The incredible Rose Window depicts St John's vision of the Apocalypse in 86 panels.

The vaulted ceiling is painted with gold stars on a dark blue background - quite lovely.

            The stained glass windows are considered to be the best in the world.

                        Even the floor is beautiful.

         A very bad photo of a very good violinist !

                     Just love this lamp post !

The splendid gates to the Palais of Justice ( the Sainte Chapelle is inside this busy and public building. )

                 Whenever you see it, the Notre Dame cannot help but impress.

                                   We forgot our umbrellas !

Taken at 9.30pm as the light faded ...

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  1. Concerts at St Chapelle are an extraordinary experience. Your photos bring back some great memories.