17 June 2011

Le Grand Vefour

Le Grand Vefour is  Guy Martin's ** Michelin starred restaurant that is in the Palais Royal and has been operating for over 250 years ! They say it is where the art of dining at a set table and using a fork, etc, all began.
Some of the guests have included, Napoleon and Josephine, Victor Hugo, Colette, George Sand, Emile Zola, Balzac, the list goes on  ...  in fact almost every famous person you can think of has eaten here since it opened in 1760.
It was Julia Child's favourite restaurant when she lived in Paris.

And now the Groves and the Braziers join the list !

We may not eat again for a month, but it was certainly a very special lunch with very good friends - note that Bill and John even wore ties - a first and a last on this trip !

                                  Karen's foie gras - delicious she said.

The stuffed sardines, etc ..

              A superb painted ceiling.

                      Glass murals on each window.

                Now that's a serious cheese board !!

Our desserts looked a bit phallic, but boy, did they taste good !

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  1. What a beautiful restaurant and what a cheese trolley, too tempting...how come you are posting this when it is 2am in the morning? xx