16 June 2011

Hooray for Hermes

For over 170 years Hermes has been known for its superb store on the sophisticated rue du Faubourg Saint Honore in the 8th arrondissement.
Now it has opened its first ever store in the 6th on the Left Bank and it's a knockout !
Designed by Denis Montel, it is unlike any retail space you have seen and even if you are not interested in shopping, it is worth a visit purely as a study in design.

Hermes began its life as a harness workshop and then saddle maker and is still an important manufacturer of high quality equestrian goods - but it is known for so much more today ...

    Thought of you Mickel as I know you would appreciate all the detail.

       The floor space is so spacious and airy with a balcony all around.

                          Detail of the walls.

   A bicycle for 3,400 euros perhaps ? It does have a real leather seat after all !

            Their flower section is small, but special - just look at those peonies.

These hydrangeas were the most superb colour - if only we had them in our "Lois" days !

                              These orchids were quite stunning.

                        How about these Hermes heart cacti ?

                      Some more sweet peas for Janetta ...

         A 9 euro cappucino in their cafe - worth it in a funny way - don't ask !

     A stack of those signature boxes - perhaps one had Sarah's name on it for the 23rd of July ?

It's Father's Day in France this Sunday, so an early gift for John was in order - he seemed to really like the tie, although he did not really get the significance of the orange box ... oh well, it's the thought that counts !


  1. I get the significance, it won't be lost on me! All too beautiful and love the heart cacti. xx

  2. Stunning!!! That store is incredible.

  3. An orange box, macarons and a good red....does life get any better??