17 June 2011

Farewell Concert

Tonight we attended a charming soiree at "La Belle Juliette" which is a new (old) hotel at 92 rue du Cherche Midi in the 6th arrondissement.
I think it is a good one to know about, especially for the ladies ...

Sarah and Michael - the lighting was very effective - maybe these for your new place ?

We were entertained by a wonderful piano recital by Eric Ferrand - N'Kaoua.
He told us the piano has just been restored and is the same make that Chopin preferred to play on. 

The gang of six enjoyed a glass of champagne in the attractive courtyard after the concert.

So, for now it is au revoir to Paris from moi - I have had the most wonderful five weeks here and have loved every single minute -  as I said to someone yesterday, I can't wait to return and I haven't quite left yet ... guess it's just that kinda' place.
J'adore et merci !

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  1. What a good looking bunch! Bon voyage for the boat trip and have fun, I'm sure that will be easy! Love Sarah x
    PS. mum really go to bed now!