01 June 2011

Especially for Sophia

Bon Soir ma fifille, Sophia,
Each time I see the special Repetto ballet shoe shops I think of you at your ballet class. In France the budding dancers at the Paris Opera Ballet have always been called " les petits rats "( the little rats ) as they are a bit ungainly and scurry around the floor -  not like you of course !

Repetto is a very special ballet shoe company in Paris.
It originated in 1947 when the French choreographer, Roland Petit, asked his mother, Rosa Repetto, to make his ballet shoes.
It then became famous when she made dress ballet pumps for the actress, Bridget Bardot in the 1950's.
The notorious French singer / composer, Serge Gainsbourg used to purchase 30 pairs of the men's shoes each year.

                      Isn't this a cute window display ?

            Can you see all the pink satin ballet pumps stacked at the back ?

Cute, like you !
Love you,
     Jo Jo xxx


  1. Hi JoJo. This is Sophia. I miss you and I LOVE the Repetto Rats. From Sophia

  2. Sophia, my darling Miss Mouse (not rat!)
    I miss you too.
    Hope you are all having fun at Ratsnest Island ...
    Love from your Jo Jo xx xxx