11 June 2011

Down the Street

Gerard Mulot's patisserie is considered to be one of the best in Paris and it is very close to our apartment - maybe we will be glad of those 80 something stairs, yet !

                              Gorgeous gateaux

                            Prize winning tarts

                                  Mouth watering macaroons

Our dessert tonight - passionfruit / mulberry / raspberry / coffee / chocolate/ salted butter caramel  - wish I could bring you all home a box of these macaron treats ...


  1. wish you could send a cake for Hugo's 4th birthday party today.... although I don't see one shaped like a platypus!

  2. Even Gerard Mulot may find a platypus cake a challenge, but with Sarah and the good old WW cookbook, who needs a famous French patissier !1
    Happy Party Hugo XX