27 June 2011

Continuing down the Canals ...

Dinner on the top deck - it was light until 10 pm so we really made the most of it.

Braize after purchasing some wine from an enterprising lock keeper.

The Groves under an enormous walnut tree ...

... which seemed to bring out the romantics in them!

                        I enjoyed picking wildflowers along the canal.

                   My floral arrangement on the boat.

An hilarious lunch at "Au Petit Pont" where the locals joined in the frivolity.

         Found something at the Gien china factory that was actually taller than Braize !

              Could not buy this as the luggage is a problem.

  Another day, another village, another lunch ... along with much laughter !

         The healthiest hydrangeas ( or Hortensias as the French say ) were in every village.

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  1. Should have bought that stunning pot. Beautiful wildflowers. xx