20 June 2011

The Canal Trip Begins ...

The crew leave the train after our journey from Paris to Briare - note the luggage !

John was keen to see the Briare Aquaduct built by Gustav Eiffel in 1896.
It is high in the air, 6 metres wide, over 660 metres in length and until 2003 the longest in the world.

Braize enjoying this fantastic engineering feat.

This is the name of our canal journey ...

... and here is the good ship "Nautilia"- not that pretty, but extremely comfortable.


  1. So glad the blog is able to be continued on this part of the journey... it's great all Braize's research is coming into use as he looks very relaxed and content! xx

  2. Yes, Braize's planning has certainly paid off so far.
    Great fun and all so scenic -colourful summer flowers in garden beds, pots and hanging baskets everywhere we go.
    Thanks for reading The Daily Baguette,