27 June 2011

The Blog is Back !!

Now back on wifi, so here is a condensed look at our fantastic boat journey down the Canal Lateral a la Loire ...

                               Had a fabulous lunch here.

                 Home cooked food and a warm welcome - all we could wish for.

             The very pretty port of Briare where we began our canal journey.

                         Detail of the stunning mosaics on the church in Briare.

                              Laughing in the rain.

                      The Bingemanns dancing in the streets of Briare.

                         Bill presents the extra special port from Portugal.

                             The happy travellers.

                                   Lovely Lea.

                                     The fromage man.

Wildflowers grow all along the banks ...

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  1. Yay!!!! So glad the blog is back. Loving the snaps of the canal journey and the happy travellers, feel there is a lot of happiness as there has been a lot of alcohol consumed....xx