11 June 2011

Au Revoir Wend

The Ladies who Lunch at Laduree !

What a memorable month my cousin, Wendy and I have just spent exploring one of our favourite cities in the world.
Miles of walking and hours of talking.
Admiring the sights and finding new sites.
Meeting new people in shops and cafes and even on the buses !
Loving Obama and mocking Palin.
But, the most important thing to always remember has been the laughter - from chuckles and giggles to uproarious guffawing.
Jack would be thrilled and Basil is, I feel certain ....

Safe travels Wend and have fun in Provence.
Your cousine, Joanna x

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  1. Darling - have only just managed to get internet access 'down south' and thrilled to read Daily Baguette and catch up with your news. Yes - it was an amazing, fun, fantastic Frenchie month - loved every second spent with you My Darling! - look forward to our next adventure - enjoy the next chapter of your trip - much love to you and Johnny - Wend XX