04 June 2011

Anything goes in the Marais !

Around the corner from our apartment is a quaint little restaurant called "Au Petit Fer a Cheval"( "The Little Horse Shoe Bar" ). It is certainly a tiny space but has authentic food, an appealing ambience and you are seated so close to each other you are likely to strike up a conversation with your neighbours, as we did.


Our "new " friends, Lieve, a Belgian and Isabel, a Kiwi who both live in Ghent in Belgium.They arrange flower tours and were in Paris to meet new contacts.

                                           Our charming waiter.

       After dinner, we became aware of some unusual activity in the street ...

Hello gorgeous !

                                               Pretty in pink ?

They liked Wendy's cleavage !!

When the grannies met the trannies !!

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