15 June 2011

Another Day, Another Macaron !

What's all the fuss about macarons I hear you say - I can only reply you obviously have not tried these dainty little morsels from Laduree, Gerard Mulot and Pierre Herme !
Herme is at the more cutting edge of the main macaron players and began his apprenticeship at 14 years with the famed French patissier, Lenotre.
He was the youngest person to be named Pastry Chef of the Year and now has seven stores in Tokyo, six in Paris and one in London.

Walking home this evening I found myself detouring to Pierre Herme's shop at 72 rue Bonaparte .... it was quite a challenge choosing  from the 19 flavours available. Names such as Mogador ( Chocolat au Lait & Fruit de la Passion ) or Metisse ( Carotte, Orange & Cannelle ) appealed, but as there was a queue forming I quickly decided on Caramel au Beurre Sale, Reglisse & Violette and Rose & Petale de Rose.
Needless to say they went down a treat following our light "picnic" meal  ..

The windows change regularly and are always fun.

I know this all sounds somewhat frivolous with economies collapsing and civil wars raging, but it's just a bit of harmless fun - apart from the waistline damage I guess !

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  1. Surely you will be opening in Cottesloe... Tokyo are so greedy having 7! You seem a little addicted to the salted caramel.... how many are you eating per day? Better leave some for the rest of the population. xx