24 May 2011

Monday in Paris


We enjoyed a relaxing afternoon tea at the Hotel Crillon, built in 1758 by Louis XVI

We felt quite meditative after our visit to the l'Orangerie to reflect on Monet's magnificent "Nympheas" (Waterlilies)

Paul Guillame was a well known art dealer and collector who died at 42 - this collection is a tribute to his appreciation of the very finest artists of the time.

                                               Crazy about Cezanne

                                               Mad about Modigliani

                                               Don't you just love Matisse ?

Isn't she sweet ?

                               A pretty bouquet of pale pink roses by Renoir

                                                 Utrillo is another star

                            An amusing moment when Wendy met her twin !

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  1. I don't know about you guys, but I can see triplets in that last photo. Wendy, your nude modelling days were always going to catch up with you!