27 May 2011

Mmmm Macaroons!

My choice for afernoon tea at one of the lovely Laduree tearooms was this selection of chocolate, raspberry, salted butter caramel (OMG) and vanilla ... which would you choose ?

In 1862 Louis Ernest Laduree created a bakery on the rue Royale in Paris.
Its most famous creation was the macaroon.
This small round cake is crisp on the outside, soft and smooth on the inside.
Each year new flavours are added to the old favourites.
Tens of thousands of these tasty treats are made daily with great care taken to achieve the balance of texture and flavour ...

    Rows of pastel ribbons to tie up the pretty boxes ... now that's my kind of store !


  1. Are you allowed to bring that salted butter caramel back to Perth? The kids and I are salivating and Hugo wants to attack the macaroon tower. Max was impressed with their perfectness! YUM. xx

  2. I officially hate the both of you!!! OMG delicious!! I think you should test the quarantine laws....for the grandchildren of course!!!