28 May 2011

Friday's Food

This morning we headed for The Rose Bakery in rue Debelleyeme for a late "breakfast" - we were pleased we did !

                   My cherry pie was just out of the oven and so delicious!

                                           Eat your greens !

Onto the Marche Enfants Rouges which is the oldest covered street market, established in 1628.
It is called this because the children at the nearby orphanage were dressed in red coats ...

We enjoyed a late lunch at a Moroccan food stall in the market - thought of you Sarah ...

                             Finished off with a glass of mint tea ...

On the way back we came across this dear little Cave ( wine shop ) and were invited in for our very own private wine tasting !!

The charming owner was waiting for a group of Chinese who he said
 have "discovered " French wines and are buying everything in sight and consequently inflating the prices - shame ...

Does not seem to be affecting the price of our labels !!!


  1. oh rose bakery. i want to go. we use their book all the time. recognise the carrot cake?? xxx

  2. I want to go too, what about us??? Sophie, we need to return. That cherry pie looks insane, hope you are walking lots!!!! Loving that bit of authentic looking Moroc.... too jealous, will now go and eat my boring healthy wrap. Bet the French don't eat mountain bread. xx