21 May 2011

Bon Marche and Grand Epicerie

                         Gotta love a store where even the escalators look stylish !


           There was also a half wall of butter and a whole wall of yoghurt !


  1. Possibly my favourite place in the world .... we are salivating over all that food and wish we were there to join in the fun! So much food, so little time. xx

  2. Don't think we will match what you have on offer. Sarah, Max & Sophia called in during a walk and Sarah taught me to post comments. They are coming around tonight to watch Cloudstreet & I am serving up a stew with steamed veges. Well Sophia & Hugo will eat something else but the others are game. Cold enough for a stew.
    Leave a few good spots for us to see.

  3. Yes, JoJo, the Jacobsen chair will do nicely, thanks!

  4. Hi Jo Jo, Love the Blog and look at that fantastic food! Yum x Be